A proud tradition since 1973, the Big Macho Wankers have never let a lack of training, tools, or talent stand in the way of their quest to keep fine Bavarian autos in top shape. Whether it is tin cans and radiator clamps to fix an exhaust, to cold chisels and hammers to remove nuts, the Wankers keep 'em rolling. Usually.

To the right is Mojo with the 1968 2002 (RIP) that started the whole sordid business.

Earl's Malaga Marauder 1974 2002 new from the dealer. Carefully maintained with a selection of wrong tools and BMW Special Tool #1 (see below). This is the same car on the Home Page, Earl being the original owner.

Please note the Oldsmobile Vista-Cruiserâ„¢. Vintage Detroit iron at it's finest.

A selection of highly useful tools for delicate work on older BMWs. One can never have too many hammers, the original multi-tool. The pipe wrench is actually good for undoing the stock insert retainer on the front struts. Stuff in the middle is BMW Special Tool #1, the most essential and useful tool for any BMW. Below is the Mighty 8" Bahco 31, originally found in Volvo tool kits. The forked end is serrated and good for stripped nuts.